How to buy cheese?

How to buy cheese?

Most cheese manufacturers, especially small alpine producers, have recourse to traders and distributors to sell their products. These cheese makers wonder, who are the cheese distributors?

Overview of cheese in the world

The production of cheese is constantly increasing, 2% per year and the world quantity produced exceeds 20 million tons, which makes cheese the most widespread dairy product, it takes 40% of the world milk production.

In Switzerland alone there are more than 800 varieties of cheese; in France there are more than 1000, in Great Britain 700, Germany which is the leading cheese producer in Europe lists more than 1000 varieties too.

Cheese making using different methods demonstrates the ability of humans to adapt to their environment. The multiple cheese varieties demonstrate the adaptation of man to the geology of a region of production, its climate and geography.
To better understand, here’s the different cheese varieties and the method of production:

– Pressed cooked cheese: Emmental, Gruyère …
When transformed into curd, the cheese is heated and then pressed at the time of molding. These cheeses are very rich in calcium

– Uncooked pressed cheese: Swiss raclette, Vacherin Fribourgeois …
The same manufacturing process is used as that of cooked pressed cheese only without the heating step.

– The parsley cheese: Bleuchâtel …
It is the family of blue cheeses; their manufacture requires piercing with needles so that the molds grow and spread throughout the cheese.

– Soft cheese with washed rind: Vacherin Mont-d’Or
The cheese does not undergo dough heating or pressing, so it remains soft. The rind is washed and brushed, which gives it its orange color.

– Soft cheese with a floral rind: Camembert Suisse, Brie Suisse …
Like the previous one, there is no heating or pressing, we spray a very specific mushroom on the surface after salting and dripping to have the typical appearance of the rind.

– Goat cheese: Halal Goat cheese from the Swiss Cheese Company mainly made from raw milk. It is curded, molded, dripped and wiped, salted and then refined

– Fresh Cheeses: Petit Suisse …
They are slightly dripped cheeses that do not require any refinement.

– Melted cheeses: Neuchâteloise, 50% Gruyère and 50% Emmental…
It is a mixture of one or more cheeses, different according to the region, and the designations such as: Appenzelloise, Valaisanne, Central Switzerland …

vente de fromage

Where to buy cheese

Before arriving at the consumers, the cheese makes a long journey. It is processed from milk to cheese in the cheese factories, and then it is refined in the cellars, cut and packaged. Each step is carried out with care and strictness to preserve the taste and freshness of the cheese.
The Swiss Cheese Company through its importing partners, distributors, wholesalers and retailers secures the supply of its products of the highest quality in total respect of the cooling chain.
Hence, Swiss cheese lovers and those who are looking for Halal cheeses bearing the Swiss made label which is the symbol of quality and perfection will be able to buy them in delicatessens, and cheesemongers close to them.
There is also a good chance to taste our exceptional products in the best restaurants on a good cheese platter or in delicacies prepared by chefs who are always looking for the best ingredients.

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