Cheese Distributor

Cheese Distributor

Marketing through the famous cheese importers and the famous cheese exporters contends with the management of highly regulated foodstuffs around the world. The Swiss Cheese Company is committed at the highest level to support its partners and offer them the support and the tools necessary to transport their cheeses in the best conditions, respecting and controlling the cooling chain, export documentation, Administrative certificates, certificates of conformity, health certificates, the best means of transport, the regulatory labels respecting the laws and the legal requirements of each country.

Cheese distributor

Recently, global cheese consumption has grown with thousands of varieties, multiple applications and different tastes making it an ingredient of choice in the best kitchens.


Source: The World Factbook, Field Listing: Exports – Commodities May 22, 2018

World cheese sales by country totaled US $ 30.4 billion in 2017.

Overall, the value of cheese exports has declined by 3.8% on average for all exporting countries since 2013, when cheese shipments were valued at $ 31.6 billion. On a year-over-year basis, the value of world cheese exports increased by 14.2% between 2016 and 2017.

The value of cheese exports for European countries is $ 25.1 billion, accounting for 82.4% of the cheese exported worldwide. Cheese exports from Australia and New Zealand reached 6.9%, far ahead of North American exporters (5.1%), Asia (2.4%), Latin American countries (excluding Mexico) and the Caribbean (1.3%).

Here are the 15 countries that exported the largest value of cheese in 2017 (in dollar):

1. Germany: US $ 4.4 billion (14.5% of total cheese exports)
2. Netherlands: 4.1 billion dollars (13.4%)
3. France: 3.5 billion dollars (11.3%)
4. Italy: $ 3 billion (9.8%)
5. Denmark: $ 1.7 billion (5.6%)
6. United States: $ 1.5 billion (4.8%)
7. New Zealand: $ 1.4 billion (4.5%)
8. Belgium: $ 950.2 million (3.1%)
9. Ireland: $ 922.8 million (3%)
10. Poland: $ 799.5 million (2.6%)
11. Belarus: $ 792.2 million (2.6%)
12. United Kingdom: $ 791.4 million (2.6%)
13. Australia: $ 721.5 million (2.4%)
14. Austria: $ 629.6 million (2.1%)
15. Switzerland: $ 610.2 million (2%)

The 15 countries listed have shipped 84.4% of cheese exports worldwide in 2017.
Among these countries, the fastest growing cheese exporters since 2013 are:

Belarus (22% rise), New Zealand (19.5% rise), the United Kingdom (14.3% rise), the Netherlands (9.6% rise) and Italy (8.8% rise).
Countries with a decline in sales of exported cheese were led by: Germany (-14.3%),
France (-13.9%), Poland (-12.7%) and Belgium (-7.7%).

Cheese exporting companies

Here are the top dairy companies that dominate the world’s cheese and dairy trade. This ranking list was elaborated by information researchers In Agriculture and Agricultural Food Canada (AAFC) -AID.

● Nestlé (Switzerland)
● Danone (France)
● Lactalis including Parmalat (France)
● Fonterra (New Zealand)
● FriseCampina (Netherlands)
● Dairy Farmers of America (United States)
● Arla Foods (Denmark)
● Saputo (Canada)
● Dean Foods (United States)
● Yili Group (China)
● Unilever (Netherlands / United Kingdom)
● Meiji Dairies (Japan)
● DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH (Germany)
● Mengniu Dairy (China)

Importance of Switzerland

Switzerland remains the reference in terms of cheese quality and all services related to export, respect of deadlines, ease of procedures, consistency of quality …
Distributors who do business with Swiss Cheese Company have the same guarantee.

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