Famous cheese exporters

Famous cheese exporters

Most cheese manufacturers, especially small alpine producers, have recourse to traders and distributors to sell their products. These cheese makers wonder, who are the cheese distributors?

Famous cheese exporters

Knowing that cheese is the most widespread dairy product in the world with 20 million tons of production, using 40% of world milk production, trade is a key issue between producing and importing countries.

Switzerland has always been a predominant exporting-producer, not in terms of quantity but quality. This is quite logical given the size of Switzerland and its mountainous land … Thus; competing with the huge quantities of cheese produced in Germany, Canada, France and all other big producers of dairy products is quite impossible.

This is where the unattainable know-how of the Swiss comes into play. The unequaled reputation of the Swiss quality. Swiss cheeses are therefore famous all over the world. They are the symbol of excellence, natural, craft and healthy.

The exports of Swiss cheese increased by 6.4% in the first quarter of 2018 to 33 933 tons (according to a study accomplished by TSM Bern / DGD and published in the official website of ”Swiss cheeses ”). This increase is due to the enthusiasm of consumers in more than 60 countries, for Swiss cheeses, an undisputed value of taste, ecological respect and nutritional intake…

Emmental PDO and Gruyère PDO are still the most exported cheeses representing 17.5% of total exports for Emmental PDO and 17.2% for Gruyère PDO. (Op.cit)

Cheese sales

Cheese is the most consumed dairy product and therefore the most manufactured one.
In 2018 the turnover of the world cheese market will exceed $ 104 billion (source: © Statista 2018). Therefore, its sale has implied, for hundreds and thousands of years, a perfect organization of the selling process.

Cheese Wholesaler

While in some industries wholesalers are part of globalization, it is different in the cheese industry, and for good reason.
Recently, global cheese consumption has witnessed an important growth, with thousands of varieties, multiple applications and different tastes making it an ingredient of choice in the best kitchens.

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Swiss cheese exporters

Over the last twenty years Swiss cheese exports have grown slightly and made positive balance in comparison between Swiss raw material and manufacturing costs. According to TSM which is a trustworthy institution, exports of semi-hard cheese have doubled in the last decade.

Wholesale cheese suppliers

Wholesale cheese suppliers play a very important role in the cheese industry. Indeed, they are the ones who buy large ranges and large quantities of cheese, stock it in their refrigerated warehouses and then send it to retailers, restaurants, hotels, caterers…

Exporting Swiss cheese

Cheese is a fresh and perishable product. Its quality is closely related to the conditions of transport and the respect of the cooling chain. That explains the complexity of its export until it reaches the final customer.

As a result, Swiss cheese factories are setting up very specific structures right from the milk processing stage, the entire production process is designed and studied to obtain a very high quality cheese. Once the product is ready for export, the specialized companies come into play depending of the means of transport chosen by the customer or according to the geographical requirements. Road, air or boat transports are possible. Regardless of the means chosen, the cheese is carefully kept and the cooling chain is rigorously respected to have optimum life expectancy and freshness.

Once again, the Swiss Cheese Company is committed to working with its partners to guarantee the respect of every step of the export process.
Being an exporter, the Company monitors the chain of value by making sure that its cheeses reach their final destinations in the best conditions.

Our transport and distribution partners are chosen according to very strict criteria. They share the same concern for quality; appreciate the value of our products and the importance of satisfying our customers.

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