Famous Cheese Importers

Famous Cheese Importers

Most cheese manufacturers, especially small alpine producers, have recourse to traders and distributors to sell their products. These cheese makers wonder, who are the cheese distributors?

Some statistics

More than 20 million tons of cheese are produced each year that is nearly 655 kilograms per second. Cheese production increases by 2% per year.
Cheese is the most common dairy product: it uses 40% of the world’s milk production (The collection of milk in the world represents 2.2 billion liters per day, enough to fill 732 Olympic swimming pools). Cheese consumption, including fresh cheese, averages 17 kg / capita / year in the EU. Cheese is very little consumed in Asia. More widely in the world, cheese consumption reaches 15 kg / inhabitant / year in the United States; it does not exceed 6 kg / inhabitant / year in Russia and 3 kg / inhabitant / year in Brazil (source CNIEL). The potential for development therefore remains very important.

Cheese Import-export

Food imports and exports are highly regulated around the world. The Swiss Cheese Company is committed at the highest level to support its partners and offer them the support and the tools necessary to transport their cheeses in the best conditions, respecting and controlling the cooling chain, export documentation, Administrative certificates, certificates of conformity, health certificates, the adequate means of transport, the regulatory labels respecting the laws and the legal requirements of each country.
Our cheeses are presented in different sizes, shapes and packaging, ranging from whole cheese wheels (Emmental: 100 kg, Gruyère: 35 kg, Goat cheese: 2 kg), blocks of 5 kg, quarter wheels and small packs of 200 gr.

The Swiss Cheese Company is an exporter of high quality cheese with the Swiss label, establishes strong and lasting links with the importers who make sure to offer the best products and the newest products to their customers; it is a priority and a commitment. With our Halal certified cheese range, our partners are sure to offer unbeatable products and take a privileged place at the distribution network to retailers.

We are constantly working on optimizing the supply chain and administrative management of all documents. Knowing that the goods must reach distant markets most often while guaranteeing optimal quality for consumers, we are doing our utmost to shorten delivery times and increase the life expectancy.

All the aspects of the products are rigorously studied and adapted to the expectations of the consumers of each country, to seduce, convince the consumers and have them back. This prospect led to the creation of Halal cheese. We wanted to offer exceptional cheeses to all Muslims in all countries.

distributeur fromage

Cheese Distributors

Most cheese manufacturers, especially small alpine producers, use traders and distributors to sell their products. Everyone plays his role!

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