Cheese with PDO and Halal

Cheese with PDO and Halal

Protected designation of origin” helps consumers get informed about the origin of the product and provides them peace of mind. This designation guarantees quality and its content. This applies for a number of food products and of course cheese some varieties of which are protected by this prestigious name, “cheese with PDO”.

Is there a cheese with PDO and Halal ?

Halal certification is, in appearance, a guarantee of compliance with certain standards prescribed by Islamic law, sharia, which can be applied to certain products. In the minds of many, this is limited to the manner of slaying animals, but it is not, many other foods can be certified Halal.

Is there Halal cheese?

On the other hand, cheese with PDO may also be certified Halal, provided that the way in which the cheese is produced complies with a set of specifications validated by an independent and competent authority. In this case, the Swiss Cheese Company produces PDO and Halal-certified cheese through a certification granted by a neutral service whose experts are, PhDs in chemistry, worldwide certification specialists, religion Sheikh and Imam.
For a PDO cheese to be also Halal, it must initially observe its own specifications and make sure it is compatible with an additional standard. In this case, a crucial element lies in the type of rennet, which means the enzymes that make the milk coagulate, and used for making the cheese. Generally, animal rennet extracted from the calf is used for this coagulation, which is mostly forbidden by Islam.

Islam allows though the use of vegetable and chemical rennet. The abomasum that lies in the fourth stomach compartment in ruminants is, by definition of animal essence, and cannot be mixed with milk, even if the animal is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rituals. Some Imams dispute this theory, according to religious trends.


Making cheese without animal rennet

The Swiss Cheese Company has opted to fully observe the certification which goes from extreme hygiene standards, to the use of Halal certified chemical rennet, the cutting and conservation of cheese packaged with halal-certified packages. The use of disinfectants and any product in contact with the cheese must be certified Halal. The result of many months of study allowed obtaining a PDO cheese which is also Halal.

The consumer can either buy a cheese where he must carefully look for the “Swiss PDO” label and the Halal green label, or make sure that numerous terms are not mentioned on the label, namely rennet, curd, coagulating enzymes or animal …