Cheese wholesale

Cheese wholesale

Before the cheese arrives in retail shops, it goes through the distribution networks, which ensure the provision of solutions, goods and services to retailers. The secret of selling cheese is precious.

Cheese wholesale

The Swiss Cheese Company is a producer of high quality Swiss cheeses with halal certification. Our cheeses are produced, refined, cut and packaged according to the highest standards of the cheese industry. Whether in whole wheels, quarter wheels, blocks of five kilos or pieces of 200 grams, cheeses are shipped to the whole world in the shortest time and in full observance of the cooling chain ensuring quality and optimum freshness for consumers.

To guarantee these conditions, the Company rigorously selects transportation, handling, distribution and wholesale partners all over the world, so that as soon as the cheese arrives to destination, it is received and stored in the best conditions and finishes its journey at the retailing shops.

Hygiene regulations

Wholesalers play a vital role in this chain of value; it is their role to provide the best storage conditions according to strict rules. In Europe, the Parliament and the Council have adopted Regulation 178/2002 establishing the general principles and requirements of food law; the General Regulation on this legislation provides a framework for ensuring a coherent approach in the Member States as for its development and enforcement. The hygiene regulations cover all stages of production, processing, distribution and marketing of food for consumption, the following principles are stated:

• The food business operator
• Food safety must be guaranteed throughout the food chain, from the very beginning of the production to distribution, through the implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) based procedures.

• HACCP procedures must include identification, assessment and control of significant food safety hazards and apply the seven principles in accordance with Codex HACCP3 guidelines. Under EU food and hygiene legislation, food business operators must make sure that EU hygiene rules are observed, i.e. by farmers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and caterers. The competent authority of the Member State shall supervise the whole sector through regular inspections, audits and on-the-spot checks. All food business operators must be registered and approved.

fabrication fromages


Cheese wholesalers carry cheese to retailers and ultimately to consumers.
They usually buy several kinds of cheese, hard, semi-hard, soft … of different brands and from different sources, all stored in large warehouses where retailers can choose directly the varieties of cheeses as well as quantities, according to the needs and tastes of their customers.

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