Cheese with goat’s milk

Cheese with goat’s milk

The production and consumption of goat cheese in Switzerland and elsewhere, are experiencing unprecedented growth, consumers in search of handicraft, local and natural become more and more attracted with this cheese. We know that food changes and that we more often seek genuine products. Nowadays, goat’s milk and cheese are associated with a healthy diet that the Swiss Cheese Company is proud to produce.

You said diet?

Unlike many animal products, cheese with goat’s milk eliminates toxins from metabolism thanks to quality proteins that metabolism assimilates easily. Some will talk about dissociated food, others about halal eating; it is actually more effective not to eat goat cheese with other animal proteins. If you do, the digestion becomes heavier by a slow assimilation. The more refined your goat cheese is, the more it is also high in calories due to the loss of the water it originally contained. It will also be less digestible because it is fatter and with lower lactose content than the fresh goat cheese.

Did you say health?

Anyone who has suffered from osteoporosis, or muscle contraction, or worries about hormones, or blood pressure, or blood clotting knows that the body is lacking calcium. However, not everyone knows that this lack can be overcome by goat cheese that also meets the body’s willingness to assimilate the protein content, lactose, phosphorus and vitamin D present in goat’s milk. Adolescents or ladies of some ages generally know these virtues to counter the worries of lack of calcium and the same goes for newborns allergic to cow’s milk!

The story is full of myths and children’s stories where the goat is an indispensable animal that helps you save yourself in many situations. If some have in memory “Manon des Sources”, the goat of Mr. Seguin, the Swiss will certainly have in mind the novel of Johanna Spyri with Heidi, mythical character who filled our childhood evenings. The orphan will live with her grandfather in alpine pastures in Graubünden where his best friend Peter is goatherd, or keeper of goat herds. The book is very famous, speaking of the opposition between the city life in industrial mutation where egoism accompanies disease and the vicissitude and the rural life so full of calm and peace of mind.

fromage halal


Contrary to popular belief, there are goat cheeses PDO, France produces more than a thousand varieties of cheese, Switzerland exports it, and it can be made halal… There are as many possible shapes as the imagination allows ( crottin, pyramids, round, log, tomme …), type of refinement, type of cheese ranging from soft, fluffy rinds, pressed or even uncooked.
Indeed, it has not been heated after coagulation. The Swiss Cheese Company specializes in goat cheese of all quality and with Halal labeling.

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