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a certified work

The authenticity of our products is combined with a ” Halal ” compliant ” Sharia ” certification to produce a unique cheese of Swiss quality.
Responding to the requirements of a high-end market, our cheeses are made from microbial ferments, validated by a “Halal” certification body recognized worldwide. From the milking of cows to the sale of the final products, our cheeses are followed by experts anxious to provide you with Sharia compliant VIP products.

Halal food is any food authorized by Islamic law, which meets the following conditions:
1. It must neither constitute nor contain anything deemed illegal according to Islamic law;
2. It must not have been prepared, processed, transported or stored using instruments or facilities that do not comply with Islamic law.

In the case of cheese, the hygiene of equipment and premises is also a strict standard. Before production, all the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and kept clean.
The premises are not used for any purpose other than the production of cheese. Conditioning and packaging materials are handled and stored following strict hygiene rules.

The First

Halal cheese in Switzerland

Thus, several factors contribute into rendering a cheese Halal, which means ‘’licit’’, or not Halal, and in this case ‘’illicit’’. For some it is laughable to consider the possibility of classifying all food products as licit or illicit. Cheese can become Halal, if licit additives are used in its manufacture. Without a doubt, if the cheese is covered with bacon, everyone will classify it as illicit.
all cheeses need rennet to coagulate and only non-animal rennet is accepted. Indeed, the mixture of animal rennet that is not Halal will therefore make the cheese illicit.

Consumers nowadays are more and more aware of the importance of the products which carry a certification such as Halal, it is a pledge of quality, respect of the environment and the animals, that is why the Halal products are no longer exclusive only for Muslims, indeed they are prized by any informed consumer who seeks quality.

In Switzerland, for example, which is the country of cheese par excellence, Halal cheese was not found, which places the Compagnie des Cheese Suisses SA. As a pioneer in the field, since it was the first to produce an Emmentaler AOP, a light-bodied hard cheese called “G”, goat and sheep cheeses and grated cheeses that offer all the special features of tasty Swiss cheeses.