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Unique cheeses

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know-how shared

from generation to generation

It is in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the Emmental region that the jewels of the ‘’Compagnie des Fromages Suisse LTD’’ are born. Combining centuries-old tradition and Swiss quality standards.
The secret is well kept by the master cheese-makers who have passed on their precious knowledge from father to son since 1823. All our cheeses are made from high quality ingredients where each drop of milk is carefully selected to meet the most demanding requirements of our experts.
The manufacturing process is a perfect balance between tradition and modern standards of strict hygiene and quality.
The ‘’Compagnie des Fromages Suisses LTD’’ also makes a point of honour to federate more than a hundred farmers. These are the requirements that makes it possible to provide our exceptional cheese.

Unique cheeses

made from raw milk

Switzerland is the ultimate country of cheese; the green plains and abundant pastures offer cows healthy food and fragrant flowers. The pure water of these plains is an essential element of the quality of our milk and cheese.
The master cheese-makers pour their know-how at the service of this generous nature to produce exceptional cheese by applying strict rules and a well-kept secret, transmitted from generation to generation.

The ‘’Compagnie des Fromages Suisses LTD’’ as well as the most demanding experts qualify its products as luxury cheese. Luxury is very often associated with Swiss products where the “Swiss made” label rhyme with perfection. These luxury cheeses are the symbol of Swiss food and are highly prized by gourmet and lovers of good taste all over the world.

The cheese-making know-how begins with the choice of raw milk, the basic ingredient of all our cheeses, to the refining process, which has a high importance, contributing to the quality, texture and taste, that is why the cellars are rigorously chosen by our master-cheese makers who pay particular attention to each cheese wheel.