List of Luxury cheeses

List of Luxury cheeses

Since long ago, luxury has attracted for its splendor, the image it refers to and social status, even the unnecessary. The world of sophistication dedicated to a minority, to an inaccessible star as Jaques Brel quoted, refers to a way of life where difference is measured in the sub-atlantic core of capitalism, namely the buying power

What is luxury?

Doesn’t anyone dream to have a luxury handbag, a designer garment, a pastry made by a great chef or even a rare piece of jewelry? Anyway, luxury rhymes with rarity, which explains a rush for art works and recently skeletons of the Paleolithic with its mammoths standing out from the retreating Siberian permafrost due to global warming.

Not to forget the hanging gardens of Babylon, the splendid palaces of the pharaohs, the castles of La Loire, the mausoleums, coliseums and temples which govern the history where surpassing the human condition goes hand in hand with everything unique, symbol of elitist power and aristocracy.

In times of crisis, luxury items remind of the social status for it is the sign of legacy, transfer of traditions and quality whose source goes way back to the beginning of history.

Cheese is no exception to a mark of exclusivity and rarity. If by chance it is democratized much like skiing or golf compared to a certain period, it will no longer be luxury, except to decline by the right of access that will identify with a privileged location.

The pleasure of tasting exceptional cheese, rare cheese, cheese that is dedicated to a minority is also a demand of the market, more than an offer.

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Luxury cheese prices

Whether it is soft or semi-hard, refined for years, cow’s milk, sheep milk or goat milk or even more recently camel milk, reindeer or jenny-asses, some cheese has risen to the status of luxury product. Their price varies from about 50 francs per kilo to more than a thousand: Le Pule with jenny-ass milk, the Moose cheese with reindeer milk, the White Stilton with gold flakes and liqueur, the Wyke Farms Cheddar with white truffles and golden chips, the Bitto Storico refined for almost a decade, the Caciocavallo Podolico with cow’s milk of a rare species of Ukrainian origin, l’époisse and its spicy aroma, the Jersey Blue made of jersey cow milk, the CacioBufala made from buffalo milk, the Winnimere produced six months a year and coated with barks of red fir, the American Rogue River Blue refined in fig leaves or dipped in pear alcohol, the Gorau Glas from Wales, the Swiss Gruyère de Posieux with PDO, the Lord of the Hundreds from East Sussex.

The Swiss Cheese Company is no exception since it provides an exceptional awarded cheese made of sheep’s milk, and made only on order from some great chefs. This halal cheese is a privilege of the luxury Muslim community of the Gulf countries and Indonesia.

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