List of Swiss cheeses

List of Swiss cheeses

Switzerland’s reputation is noteworthy, with traditional products such as chocolate, watches and cheese contributing significantly to the positive image of the country.
Indeed, the reputation of Swiss cheese goes beyond its borders, especially thanks to its famous Emmental and the no less prestigious Gruyère. These are the best-known Swiss cheeses, but there are many more.

Switzerland has nothing to envy to its neighbors about the long and rich cheese tradition. On the contrary. The alpine typicality of Switzerland has made it possible to create pastures with a long tradition of dairy products. The history of Switzerland is partly related to this tradition, which has also forged the beauty of its world-famous landscapes.
We are therefore not surprised by the hundreds of varieties of cheese that bloom in such a small country.

Famous Swiss Cheese PDO

They are famous and represent the Swiss quality of these best-known cheeses with a PDOs: Emmental, Hobelkäse, Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Etivaz, Raclette, Vacherin Mont d’Or, Tête de Moine , the Bloderkäse-Sauerkäse of Toggenburg, the Formaggio of alp ticinese, the Glarner Alpkäse.

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Famous Swiss Tommes

Tomme de Genève, Tomme de la Chaux d’Abel, tomme vaudoise, tomme de Rougemont, tomme of the Vallée d’Uri, Tommes type Mutschli, Tomme neuchâteloise.

Famous Swiss-German cheeses

Appenzeller Käse, Schlipfechäs also known as Schlipfer Chäs, Schwägalpkäse, Belper Hirn, Belper Mürggel, Klewenalp, Berner Alpkäse, Belp’s Ball, Schabziger, Bratkäse Nidwaldner, Obwaldner Alpkäse, Sbrinz, St. Galler Alpkäse, Toggenburger, Schwyzer, Schwyzer Alpkäse, Zincarlin, Thurgauer, Urner Alpkäse, Sbrinz…
Famous Ticino cheeses
Büsción, Agrino, Formaggella, Formaggio della paglia, Ricotta, mascarpa, Zigra, züfa, Robiola, Formaggino basso, formaggino piatto, robiöla, furmagín.

Famous Grisons cheese

Les Grisons is known for its dried meat, Engendin and incomparable ski slopes where stars and crowned heads gather, they are also famous for their cheeses including the Bündner Alpkäse, the Chaschiel of alp dal Grischun (Caschiel d’alp, Chaschöl alp), the Bündner Bergkäse.

Famous French cheese

Of course, Romandie or French-speaking Switzerland proudly displays its world-famous cheeses besides Gruyère, including La Chaux d’Abel, Mutschli, Arpitan, Fricâlin, Chaux d’Abel, Tatouillard, Royalp and Bagnes cheese.

As you will see, each region proudly wears its colors through its unique and hardly comparable cheeses. Many attempts were made to federate some of them, unsuccessful attempts except that of being a cheese! Some districts, a territorial part of a region, have managed this hazardous exercise like the Gruyère on the region of the same name, but not the Emmental yet produced on the land of the same name as well.

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The cheese giants

Among these most famous ones, there are at least two cousins that foreigners confuse: they are Emmental and Gruyère. Such confusion is hardly possible in Switzerland, whose cheese tradition is taught from an early age. Indeed, one is salty, the other is sweet, and one with holes, the other without, the wheel of 35 kilos or 90 … We let you guess which one.

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