Is there luxury cheeses?

Is there luxury cheeses?

Switzerland is the country of cheese; the green plains and abundant pastures offer cows healthy food and fragrant flowers. The pure water of these plains is a fundamental element for the quality of milk and cheese.

Switzerland and Luxury world

The master cheese makers put their know-how at the service of this generous nature to produce exceptional cheeses by applying strict rules of manufacture inherited from a well-kept secret that has been transmitted from generation to generation, taking into account ecological requirements and full observance of the environment.

Luxury is very often times associated to Swiss products, the ” Swiss made ” label is always synonymous with perfection, and this applies perfectly to cheese produced in all regions. Such luxury cheese is the perfect symbol of Swiss food and is highly esteemed by experts and lovers all over the world.

Cheese with Controlled Designation of Origin

CDO is the abbreviation of Controlled Designation of Origin which refers to the regulations established in France to define quality standards for products such as cheese and wine, and to link the names of products to specific geographical regions.

fromage AOC

Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin

Most of high quality cheese makers try to obtain prestigious labels, decorations, “awards” and other titles in order to position themselves as “luxury cheese”. The cheese with PDO is no exception to the rule.

Cheese list

The main element to a high quality and luxury cheese is first of all the milk, because all our cheeses are made from raw milk, which transmits all its freshness and its perfumed taste. That is why the Swiss cows are pampered and well taken care of by farmers in harmony and respect with the nature and the well-being of cows. It is this balance that makes it possible to produce such cheese so popular among the Swiss and global consumers.

Refinement has a major importance for it contributes to the quality and the taste of cheese. That is why the cellars of refinement are rigorously chosen by the master cheese makers who pay particular attention to each cheese wheel.

There are as much as 800 kinds of PDO and CDO cheeses that are produced in Switzerland by master cheese makers who apply their know-how according to a secular tradition. Emmental with PDO, undisputed king of all cheeses, famous for its holes which are formed during refinement and the secret thereof has been recently discovered by specialists. Gruyère with CDO is also famous all over the world with its unique fragrant taste. We can also mention Appenzeller, Tête de Moine, Vacherin, Cheese, La Boule de Belp …

The Swiss Cheese Company presents its wide range of products of the highest quality from Emmental cheese to goat cheese with a fragrant taste and a creamy and melting texture.

Besides tradition, there is innovation and a constant search for perfection, which has led our cheese-makers to create a new line of ” Halal ” certified cheeses with an authentic taste according to strict and highly respected specifications.

This unique variety is a major plus to the list of luxury Swiss Label cheeses and will satisfy even the most demanding experts who are looking for cheese from Switzerland and upholding Islamic law “The Sharia”.

The commitment and the understanding of our master cheese-makers of the specifications prescribed by the certification organization are the best insurance to offer “Halal” cheeses with an unchanged quality.

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