Producers of goat cheese

Producers of goat cheese

The production and consumption of goat cheese in Switzerland and elsewhere, are experiencing unprecedented growth, consumers in search of handicraft, local and natural become more and more attracted with this cheese. We know that food changes and that we more often seek genuine products. Nowadays, goat’s milk and cheese are associated with a healthy diet that the Swiss Cheese Company is proud to produce.

The goat

It is a fascinating animal that has accompanied man since the beginning of time, in Greek mythology she is quoted as the nurse of Zeus when he was a child.
It is one of the first animals raised and domesticated by man, one of the reasons why the wild goat has become rare. She is part of the bovine family, herbivore ruminant. It is a very robust animal that adapts to all climates. As she is very agile, she thrives in the plains as well as on the mountains, where she easily and skillfully climbs rocks and very steep slopes.

She is also generous, her meat and her milk were always a very rich and nourishing food source for man, even her hair was used to make brushes, and her horns, when they are not too long are used to pick olives in the countries of the Mediterranean basin. Her skin was transformed into parchment, the most used tool for writing in the Middle Ages.

Goat raising in Switzerland

Today, there are about 7,000 breeders in Switzerland for a total of 89,000 goats, a very significant decline compared to 360,000 goats a century ago.

The mountainous regions of Switzerland favor goat raising where only goats can graze. The cheese factories in the vicinity receive goat’s raw milk and transform it into cheese, which represents a high added value product. The quality of the milk depends very much on the quality of the pastures, when they are nourished with green and tender leaves and perfumed flowers; the goat produces healthy, high quality and very tasty milk. This is why goat breeders make sure that their goats feed in a specific and balanced way.
Breeders and cheese makers have taken into account the nourishing and tasty values of goat’s milk, which is becoming more and more an alternative to cow’s milk, which is less indigestible and more satisfying to demanding consumers.

Taking into account the importance of this sector, breeders, cheese makers and traders have come together to optimize and better promote the marketing of goat cheese.

fromage de chèvre

Swiss producers of goat cheese

Of the 7,000 goat breeders, many transform their own milk production into cheese, which is a modest amount compared to cheeses produced in cheese factories. The annual production in Switzerland exceeds 1000 tons per year with a growth rate of around 10% which exceeds by far all other varieties of cheese.

The quantity of goat’s milk remains very low compared to that of the cow; a goat produces an average of 630 kilos of milk a year while a cow produces around 7000 kilos.

The enthusiasm of consumers and amateurs for goat cheese continues to grow, so the cheese producers are increasingly converting a large part of their production into cheese, and the difference in varieties and flavors is constantly diversifying.
The Swiss Cheese Company ranks among the leaders and provides a multitude of semi-hard and soft goat cheeses of unmatched flavor and freshness, which will satisfy the most demanding experts.
Looking for a larger range of products and to satisfy and share its products with more consumers all over the world, the Company has thus created “Halal” certified goat cheeses, with the same flavored taste and smooth texture.

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