Secret of selling the cheese

Secret of selling the cheese

Most cheese producers, especially small alpine producers use traders, distributors and in Switzerland, they have recourse to famous cheese exporters to sell their products.

Cheese statistics

Cheese is the most consumed dairy product and therefore the most manufactured.
In 2018 the turnover of the world cheese market will exceed $ 104 billion and its evolution will reach $ 124 billion in 2022 (according to © Statista 2018).

The largest cheese market is the United States of America with a growth rate of around 7% between 2013 and 2019. France comes in second.

The cheese is eaten in several ways, sliced or in pieces, used in preparations such as pizza, sandwiches; salads …
In order to satisfy the increasing demand, the cheese manufacturers make sure to continuously supply the markets through distribution networks all over the world and as soon as possible, which guarantees its quality and freshness.

Reasons for growing demand

Emerging countries looking for westernization in terms of food and consumption patterns, changing lifestyles, and growing demand for dairy products, is a major contributor to this growth.

The growing demand for natural, organic and certified cheese, including Halal, is pushing producers to innovate and launch new products to meet this demand.

– Growth by variety: The varieties of cooked cheese should register the highest average annual growth rate, around 3%, which represents the highest share of income.
– Growth by sector: Of the three application sector i.e. restaurants, industrial sector and retail sector, the retail sector is expected to have the highest average annual growth rate.
– By region: Market contribution in Pacific Asia and the Middle East is expected to contribute significantly to the growth rate of the global market.

exportateur fromage

Cheese selling

Before the cheese arrives in retail shops, it goes through the distribution networks, which ensure the provision of solutions, goods and services to retailers.

The consumer meanwhile, goes to his cheese maker to taste, choose and buy his cheese. The first role of the cheese dairy is to ensure the safety, protection and informing the consumer by ensuring the hygiene of products, the conformity of labeling and mandatory information, given the very strict national and international regulations imposed on agricultural food products, especially on perishable foods such as cheese.

Large chains of distribution give a great importance to the cheese section, where you find local, and imported cheeses from all over the world…
With this vast network, fans will always find the right place to buy their favorite cheese.

Cheese wholesales

Cheese wholesalers are very important given the complexity of demand according to cultures, traditions, tastes and religions. The Swiss Cheese Company is a producer of high quality Swiss cheeses with halal certification. Our cheeses are produced, refined, cut and packaged according to the highest standards of the cheese industry.

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