Swiss cheese exporter

Swiss cheese exporter

Most cheese producers, especially small alpine producers, use traders, distributors and in Switzerland, they have recourse to famous cheese exporters to sell their products.

Swiss cheese exporter

Over the last twenty years Swiss cheese exports have grown slightly and made positive results when comparing Swiss raw material and manufacturing costs. According to the trustworthy TSM, exports of semi-hard cheese have doubled in the last decade.

The cheese that has unfortunately set the worst score over the last twenty years is Emmental PDO, whose export fell by half from 23,000 to 11,000 tons.

Swiss cheese

There are around 40 Swiss cheese exporters whose list is kept updated by the Swiss cheese organization. Switzerland Cheese Marketing SA is “a non-profit organization that provides Cheese marketers in Switzerland with services in the field of communication and promotion. It designs and implements Marketing actions targeting consumers, with the aim of developing the consumption of Swiss cheeses. “(Source: Portrait / Swiss Cheese SA).

In recent years, exporters have understood the trend of the consumer market in search of non-industrial and exceptional cheeses, and the small Swiss producers able to satisfy this demand and the history of Swiss alpine production as well. Even the big producers have integrated small producers, for the benefit of all consumers.

As a matter of fact, Swiss cheese is doing very well and is increasing its exports. These exports are partly linked to the exportation of European cheese. Switzerland and its strong currency (Swiss Franc) are proud they could withstand the consequences of the economic embargo on Russia. Swiss cheese is undeniably relying on its quality and image. A marketing strategy along with a “Top of the Line” positioning led to growth in exports to Germany, Italy and France.

In this European positioning, Gruyère PDO and Emmental PDO take the lion’s share. Even if Emmental has lost a bit of its share for two decades, it remains slightly higher than Gruyère in terms of exportations.

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