Swiss cheese recipes

Swiss cheese recipes

When we think of the words “Swiss cheese“, we immediately think of one of the Swiss culinary traditions.

Each country is marked by prejudices in the collective unconsciousness. Switzerland will not have you joke on its banks, watches, chocolate, ski and obviously cheese. Did you say cheese? Swiss of course!

Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss cheese-based cuisine is rich and varied and is not limited to the famous fondue or raclette.

Aperitifs and appetizers

Whoever speaks of cooking thinks appetizers and entrees. They are delicious and appetizing. Biscuits with Swiss cheese, Biscuits with Swiss Gruyère PDO, Etivaz PDO candies with apple and quince, smoked bacon and Sbrinz PDO candies, Appenzeller® balls, Pistachio coated Tomme Vaudoise balls, bricks in Appenzeller® SURCHOIX, Appenzeller® appetizer skewers. These are but a few examples, there is a lot more.

Fondue and cheese raclette

Of course, the Swiss and lovers of this country from all over the world, think fondue, a traditional Swiss recipe appreciated by all. It is more than a tradition: a divine temptation. The romanticism in the heart of Europe and its everlasting snows. But is the fondue merely made of simply melted cheese?
fromages suisses les plus connus

Cheese fondue

In fact, they are almost as many as the number of the regions and are not limited to the famous Fribourg 50% Gruyère PDO /50 % Vacherin. Moreover, the Fribourg people are fond of their fondue with mushrooms, vacherin and Gruyère PDO. Switzerland is also the country of compromise and consensus, even in its cuisine! Will you not find schabziger fondue made of two famous cheeses known worldwide: Emmental PDO and Gruyère PDO? Whoever speaks of Switzerland thinks of skiing and its famous region of Engadin located in Graubünden.
What better way to warm up after peaceful or sporting downhill skiing than the four-cheese fondue and Grisons meat crumble? The charm of Switzerland is its diversity; Valaisans is also well known with their fondue with tomato. What about the primitive or central Switzerland that makes its fondue with Sbrinz PDO, Tilser and Raclette Suisse® cheese? Finally, let’s talk about the charm of Ticino with a special fondue. In the land of Merlot, anchovies are finely chopped; Gruyère cheese, Emmental cheese, mozzarella cheese and cornstarch are poured into the fondue pot. Just add the grappa, the white wine and continuously boil the fondue until obtaining a mellow texture. All seasoned with pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, basil and finely cut olives.

Raclette with cheese

The same way goes for the raclette which is not limited to the famous Valais PDO where the cheese is heated or melted within a pot on summer barbecue. Indeed, there is also raclette cheese pitas and that of Halloween made of raclette and squash, the vacherin Mont d’Or PDO prepared in the oven.

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