Did you say cheese? Swiss of course!

Did you say cheese? Swiss of course!

Each country is marked by prejudices in the collective unconsciousness. Switzerland will not have you joke on its banks, watches, chocolate, ski and obviously cheese. Did you say cheese? Swiss of course!

Did you say cheese? Swiss of course!

The mountainous land of Switzerland has made it difficult cultivate agricultural land and that pushed farmers to raise cattle and sheep and encouraged them to diversify and produce quality cheese. The milk used for the production of this cheese has a very high quality thanks to the grazing cows that feed mainly on herbs and flowers in the spring. In some areas, farmers put their herds on mountain or mountain pastures called the “Alpage”.
Thanks to the preservation of very old traditions, Switzerland has positioned itself in the world cheese market. Appreciated and consumed at the international level, the fame of Swiss cheese is not to be questioned.

Switzerland produces hard and semi-hard cheeses, the most famous of which are Le Gruyère, and L’Emmental … Made from cow’s raw milk, these two cheeses are different on many levels.

Swiss Gruyère

Gruyère is a hard cheese highly appreciated by fans around the world. His name comes from the small town of La Gruyère. Protected designation of origin PDO, Le Gruyère occupies a place of honor on the cheese platters. Unlike Emmental, Swiss Gruyère does not have any holes. Very strong and highly aromatic, it reflects the olden times know-how of the cheese makers. Its unique character is a delight for the taste lovers.

For the Swiss, there is only one Gruyère as there is only one champagne for the French, even if the name Champagne also comes from Neuchâtel village located in Switzerland. Gruyère remains the only cheese to hold the Controlled Designation of Origin.

Swiss Emmental

The Emmental is the valley of the Emme River in Bern in the heart of Switzerland; this region is well known by sublime landscapes of wild beauty in an idyllic setting, bordered by ranges of hills, fields, forests and meadows where silence leads the way. Its main cities are Berthoud and Langnau.
It is an agricultural region famous for its cheese which bears the same name and which has become a Protected Designation of Origin, PDO.

The olden time know-how is inherited from generation to generation in this region which knew how to profit and preserve the richness of nature.

Known by its characteristic holes, Emmental is a Swiss hard cheese whose name comes from the Emme Valley in Bern. Its soft taste and firm texture make it one of the best meals. Emmental has a Controlled designation of origin CDO and is manufactured according to very precise specifications. It is the most exported cheese of Switzerland.

emmentale suisse halal

Most known Swiss cheeses

There are so many varieties of Swiss cheeses apart from the King and the Queen that are Gruyère and Emmental. But all have in common the typical Swiss perfection.

As with any Swiss Made product, Swiss cheeses reflect unmatched quality and unattained craftsmanship. The label guarantees the best choice for the consumer and places Swiss cheeses at a high level.

Specially formulated for the pleasure of fans, our luxury cheeses have satisfied the best experts, professionals and amateurs who will find their happiness in the wide range of cheeses as rich and good as each other, hard cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese, alpine cheese, farmhouse cheese, planed cheese, cheese preserved in red pine, cheese sprinkled with wine for melted cheese meals, hot cheese with potatoes for raclette…

One thing is for sure, Swiss products and especially cheese will remain forever a benchmark and a pledge of quality recognized worldwide.

fromages suisses les plus connus

Swiss cheese recipe

When we think of the words “Swiss cheese”, we immediately think of one of the Swiss culinary traditions. Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss cheese-based cuisine is rich and varied and is not limited to the famous melted cheese or raclette. There are appetizers, starters, world-famous fondue or cheese raclettes as many as the Swiss regions.

The Swiss and the lovers of this country from all over the world enjoy fondue. It is a Swiss traditional recipe well appreciated everywhere. It is more than a tradition: a divine temptation, romanticism in the heart of Europe and its everlasting snows. There are so many varieties and fondue recipes in Switzerland same as pasta recipes in Italy, or cod recipes in Portugal.

Swiss Label

Most known Swiss cheeses

We can enumerate examples of the best-known Swiss cheeses. The undisputed first place remains the Emmental PDO, which undergoes several degrees of refinement. It can be sweet, Classic, Reserve, Extra. Gruyère PDO comes in second, the taste of the Swiss since 1115.

emmental suisse

Goat cheeses

For 12,000 years goat’s milk cheese has been made and appreciated for its nutritional properties. It was even mentioned in Greek mythology in Homer’s Odyssey and in the Romans stories who used highly developed techniques in producing and preserving foods including olive oil and cheese in underground cellars. Arabs have always had goat herds that adapted to hard climates and the milk they produced was particularly nutritious and thirst-quenching.

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