The Swiss Label

The Swiss Label

Each country is marked by prejudices in the collective unconsciousness. Switzerland will not have you joke on its banks, watches, chocolate, ski and obviously cheese. Did you say cheese ? Swiss of course!

Set like a Swiss watch

Switzerland is the country which has the most inventors per capita in the world. This desire to invent, innovate and create is combined with a special attention to quality, the desire for perfection pushes the Swiss to offer only the best products.
”Set like a Swiss watch” is a famous expression taken up all over the world by all those who want to describe everything that is reliable and made to perfection.
Cheeses, chocolates, watches, pharmaceuticals or any other product from Switzerland, they represent a pledge of quality inspiring unmatched confidence.
The SWISS LABEL is a national pride, represented by a promotional company whose distinctive symbol is protected.
Swiss companies are extremely respectful of this reputation and the label that is so dear to them and which creates a long-term commitment to preserve this achievement.

qualité suisse

The cheese and the Swiss label

The cheese industry is no exception to this rule, since centuries ” the Helvetian cheese ” was appreciated over time, the Romans were particularly fond of it.
The art of making cheese has been improved, adapted and perfected over time.
Today, this thriving industry that produces Swiss-Label cheeses exports them all over the world, where consumers immediately recognize them with distinctive signs and logos proudly depicted on packaging or through advertising campaigns. The Swiss cross remains the most often illustrated sign and put forward, it remains the most recognized emblem, which identifies the best Swiss products.

To preserve this heritage, farmers and cheese makers work hand in hand to respect the nature and ecological balance that is so fragile and important. Each stage is carried out with care and delicacy. This begins with the well-being of the cows, the quality of the pastures, the water and even the pure air that they breathe. The result of these elements is natural, healthy, balanced and fragrant milk, which is the joy of the cheese makers who receive it as soon as the cows are milked; in fact, they always favor farms that are nearby for it guarantees excellent milk freshness.

The Processing begins at the dairy. The master cheese makers put all their know-how, their rigors and their preciseness, and respect the methods and the well-kept recipes received from father to son to produce unique cheeses which carry with pride the Swiss Label.

Cheese producers such as the Swiss Cheese Company make sure to keep this label and keep the quality of their products at the highest level. The satisfaction of customers and any cheese lover is the best reward and represents the ultimate goal of any Swiss producer.

fromages sans présure animale

Swiss made

Around the world, the reputation of the “Swiss made” label is unmatched. The latter translates into know-how, irreproachable quality, perfect beauty, technical innovation and a taste for refinement. Any consumer looking for the best choice and every VIP will choose the Swiss made.

Swiss quality

As quality is marked by cultural connotations, Switzerland is trying to include this notion of quality to its cultural heritage.

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