Swiss Made

Swiss Made

Switzerland rhymes with superior quality and perfection. The “Swiss Label” is highly appreciated everywhere, exports without return of goods or complaint of the consumer.

Around the world, the reputation of the “Swiss made” label is unmatched. The latter translates into know-how, irreproachable quality, perfect beauty, technical innovation and a taste for refinement. Any consumer looking for the best choice and every VIP will choose the Swiss made.

Swiss made label

Although the Swiss made label is the true reference in watch making, it extends to the world of alpine cheese especially Gruyère and Emmental, banks and many other well-known products such as the Swiss army knife, chocolate, there are a lot more examples. This reference is based on an unbeatable criterion: customer satisfaction. This is a heritage cultivated in Switzerland, land of welcome in the heart of Europe that has taken advantage of the positive influences of its neighbors and travelers of all time.

Swiss icons

The Swiss made has world-famous flagship. Having no sea, the Swiss invented the Alinghi. Having experienced the crisis of pre-war procurement, the Swiss created Bally. If Haute Couture rhymes with neighboring countries, Switzerland has invented Velcro. Looking for a quality pencil, Switzerland has invented Caran d’Ache, in memory of a signature Emmanuel Poiré which is a phonetic transcription of Russian “karandash” which means pencil. Looking for cream for your coffee, Crémo invented his “crémo”. Looking for the ironing board, Laurastar has created the top. Looking for a cheese fondue, Gerber invented his world famous fondues. Looking for a halal quality cheese, the Swiss Cheese Company has invented its halal range. The computer mouse, you know Logitech. Luxury ice cream, Mövenpick of course. The healthy quality food, Nestlé of course far beyond the famous Nespresso coffee caps. Chocolate powder, Ovomatine of course. Looking for other icons: Ricola candy, Sugus, Ragussa, Toblerone, Ramseier or Rivella beverages, Spada ski, Titeuf cartoon, CERN, the Red cross, Davidoff cigars, Victorinox Swiss army knife that fitted astronauts Aldrin, Collin and Armstrong who walked on the Moon, Elmex toothpaste, Granada Foundation, Cementit glue, Firmenish perfumes, Geberit glass, Schindler elevators, Le Corbusier furniture and architectures, the Isostar drink, the Kämbli biscuits, the Zena peeler, the Nidecker snowboard, the Reuge music boxes, the Maggi and its magic aroma, the Micro scooter, the MBT casuq. You said Switzerland: the kingdoms of chocolate such as Cailler, countless brands of watches Swatch, Rolex, Omega…. or security with Securitas…

This list, although not comprehensive implies an apology to the big icons missing…There are so many Swiss standards.

emmental suisse

Swiss Label

The Swiss Made label is a mirror of intrinsic values that are the basis of the Swiss economy and transcribed in the law. The economic value of products and services from Switzerland is no longer debatable. In an ever more globalized world, a world where piracy reigns, these remain the symbol of excellence and enjoy an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and all over the world. Swiss products and services mean exclusivity, tradition and quality. Inspiring unmatched confidence, this good reputation influences consumer purchasing decisions and strengthens Swiss producers and creators to remain in a very limited market, that of perfection.
The success and keen interest of the “Swiss brand” has led to abusive misuses. That is the price of success.
In line with this tradition and the law, our cheeses are proud to wear the Swiss flag for several generations. While watching prestigious products created on Swiss soil, you will undoubtedly find our products.

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