Wholesale Cheese Supplier

Wholesale Cheese Supplier

Most cheese producers, especially small alpine producers, use traders, distributors and in Switzerland, they have recourse to famous cheese exporters to sell their products.

Wholesale Cheese Supplier

Wholesale cheese suppliers have a major importance in the cheese industry since they buy large ranges of cheese in large quantities, stock it in their refrigerated warehouses and then send it to retailers, restaurants, hotels, caterers …
They do not have to buy and store large quantities.

Suppliers often provide customized service when it comes to choosing the right cheese based on the cuisine, taste and quantity. They deliver directly and respond quickly to orders. They also guarantee a regular supply.
vente de fromage en gros

The main function of suppliers

Suppliers provide transport, storage, handling and sometimes processing services.

– Transport: Goods are transported by wholesalers from the assembly point to the urban market.
– Sorting: unpacking and handling. Wholesalers generally buy their products in bulk or in large quantities. Their customers, meanwhile, want graduated and homogeneous products in smaller quantities (pallet, half pallet or individual boxes). Sorting, unpacking … are what traditional wholesalers do.
– Storage: To keep the food product fresh from its production point to the final selling point, transfer time must be as short as possible. However, commercial constraints often involve the storage of goods. Most wholesalers therefore have cooling facilities in their units on the wholesale markets or elsewhere.
– Treatment: This activity is only a few years old in Europe. Wholesalers consider themselves as traders not processors. However, some traders may provide some basic packaging and cutting to meet specific customer requirements.
– Delivery: This is a service provided by wholesalers to their customers. Today, a growing number of wholesalers have their own commercial vehicles to deliver the products. It’s an effective way to win customer loyalty. Delivery activity can also increase profits in a big way.

One of the best examples that illustrate wholesale in Europe is the Rungis market in France. It is a gigantic market that supplies all professionals of gastronomy and food. The dairy sector occupies 7 large blocks; two for butter, eggs, cheese, cream, ultra fresh … it is the largest cheese market in the world.

The Swiss Cheese Company enjoys a heavy presence in such markets, thanks to its range of the highest quality cheeses, in addition to the “Halal” certification which gives its products a unique added value.
Emmental PDO, Gruyère variety “G”, goat cheese, sheep cheese … are approved and appreciated by the most demanding Swiss master cheese makers as well as amateurs, experts and those who are fond of Swiss products.

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