Why eat halal ?

Why eat halal ?

Some people know numerous terms related to Islam, such as Sharia (norms and doctrinal rules in Islam), Halal (lawful, authorized), Haram (illicit), Houbi (my Love), or Jannah (garden and Paradise) …

Why eat Halal?

Are there halal cheeses? A Halal cheese, and therefore authorized by Islam, also follows heavy and strict specifications whose first component is the use of non-animal rennet. Back in time and same as today, these are processes that can significantly increase the level of hygiene, a criterion to which the Swiss are accustomed.

Are there halal cheeses?

As for food, like many religions, there are some restrictions in Islam. Pork is probably the most famous example. The Quran clearly establishes what is permitted and forbidden among food and how to prepare them. Islam stipulates that beasts have to be slaughtered in a certain way after the recital of Quran, other foods such as cheese may be Halal or not.

Beyond millions of Muslims around the world, it is clear that many consumers of other religions or food trends like Vegans have turned to this food for reasons of hygiene and quality.

The Sunna

The Sunna, the source of Islamic theology and law, Sharia, has always dealt with the food issue and with the fourth pillar of Islam, namely the fundamental duties Muslims abide by.

If Ramadan and fast are well known to the whole world, there are many other restrictions best described at the 5th surah (chapter of the Quran divided into 114 suras), verse 3: “Are illicit the dead beast, the blood, the pig meat, and what was sacrificed in the name of another god than Allah, the stifled beast, the stunned beast, the dead beast after a fall, the dead one of a blow of horns, the one that has been devoured by a wildcat except for the one you managed to slaughter before its death. It is no surprise that the Quran specifies under the 16th surah, chapter 118 that the prohibitions are the same to the “People of the book” namely Jews and Christians.

Eating Halal is both a respect for religious restrictions but also a restorative element since a non-ritual food cannot be ingested. If many Muslims do not go to the mosque or on a pilgrimage to Mecca, the respect of food restrictions has spread all over the world.

Halal Products with PDO

The Swiss Cheese Company is highly respectful of all cultures and all forms of belief and is abiding by intrinsic neutrality of his country. It has combined the quality of its products with the respect of the religious rules related to “Halal” for the benefit of the Muslims asking for a high quality product that conforms to their beliefs.

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